Monday, May 5, 2008

beth bender beauty on set

It seems as though SEXY EYES and the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit in SGB and OMG! made quite the stir on Friday during a shoot for an upcoming episode of Californication. Apparently our sweet assistant was so mesmerized with David Duchovny that she forgot to leave enough kits to go around, and with only four make-up artists to do almost 75 extras, some gals didn’t think they were going to get their smoky eyes. Poor babies.

That was until one of the artists whipped out her smoky eye stencils from her own kits and started banging out sexy smoky eyes on every girl one after the other. Between her stencils and these three kits (also with stencils) they managed to get each little lady done and still have time to get them back on set. Now that’s what I call one quick smoky eye.

Check out SEXY EYES and Get in Line in SGB & OMG! at and click here to check out a video showing the famous smoky eye stencils in action.

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