Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get Gorgeous Skin Now

Every once in a while I come across a skin care line that is outstanding and when I do I always share. I have always been a girl who takes good care of her skin but as gravity begins to make it’s adjustments, its not enough to just moisturize your face, you need a skin care line that can target specific area’s such as sun damage, fine lines, and elasticity just to name a few.

My latest find Somme Institute Skin Care does this and more. In just a few weeks since I have been using the skin care line my skin has been transformed to beautiful again. I noticed a difference within the first few days of using and as I continue to use my skin becomes more and more radiant.

What makes this line so different is MDT5 (Molecular Dispersion Technology), a revolutionary and radical new technology developed and patented by Somme Institute. MDT5 is the next generation of skin care science and Somme Institute has spent years of research and development with proven results that have been documented and validated by dermatologists and researchers at Yale, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and New York University.

MDT5 works by penetrating the inner layers in their active forms at high concentrations. Free- radical fighting vitamins A, B3/B5, C, D and E are all working together to target specific skin receptors and the result is intense hydration and moisture, repairing sun damage and discoloration, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness, Increasing the density of the dermal matrix, and increasing skin elasticity with continued use.

I could on and on but the products speak for themselves. The line is simple to use and is clinically proven to dramatically change the overall appearance of your skin. It has definitely changed the way my skin looks and as I continue to use everyday I see more and more of a difference.

The line consists of six products starting with the Nourishing Cleanser, used twice daily, in the morning and evening, followed by Transport which are treatment pads that remove any excess dirt and make-up from your face as well as prepping your skin for the next step which is the fabulous Serum applied to your face, neck and upper chest area. Did I mention how great these smell too! After the Serum comes the A-Bomb, a moisturizer whose name speaks for itself. Another great thing about the line is each of the products are color-coded so you always know which one to grab.

Double Defense is the last step before applying the Eye cream. I love this cream so much and it has an SPF of 30+. How amazing is that. Especially living in Los Angeles where you are constantly exposed to the sun. It feels fantastic every time I put it on and sometimes I even mix with my cream foundation for the perfect tinted moisturizer. Finally the eyes, so many leave this step out but to avoid fine lines and crepiness always use an eye cream. The Eye cream from Somme is wonderful and is definitely doing its job on my eyes.

Somme Institute Skin Care

1 - Nourishing Cleanser, $40

2- Transport (fifty treatment pads) $58

3- Serum, $82

4- A-Bomb, $70

5- Double Defense, $48

6- Eye, $72

Mobile Kit (5 Step), $85

All of the products work on all skin types, how great is that, and are available at selected spas nationwide or through the Somme Institute by visiting their website at You can also call their skincare hotline at 1-866-66SOMME. They also offer a great Mobile Kit which is fantastic for traveling and has everything but the Eye cream.

Unlike so many skin care lines that make promises they can’t deliver, Somme Institute puts its money where its mouth is and delivers with flawless, beautiful skin, and results that can be seen within days of using. A definite “must have” in my beauty regime.



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