Saturday, May 3, 2008

Get Sexy Cat Eyes Anytime

Angelina gives us her best cat eyes

Ever wonder how Angelina Jolie gets her purrfect cat eyes without the help of a make-up artist? We thought you would. So many women love those cat eyes and why not? They are extremely sexy and oh so sultry.

Wanna know how to get them? Try the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit from beth bender beauty. The cat eye stencil (which is part of a set of stencils, the other is a smoky eye stencil) is the only tool out there that really gives you the perfect cat eye shape. No more guessing. The cat eye stencil from the Get in Line Kit does the work for you. You can make it as thick or as thin as you like depending on where you place the stencil on your eyelid.

Click on this link to check out a video using the cat eye stencil and smoky eye stencil from the Get in Line Kit.

Don’t feel like doing a cat eye in black? Then try one of the new eyeshadow trio’s. Five new palettes to choose from and all gorgeous. During the Month of May buy any new Get in Line Eyeshadow Trio and receive a Travel Stencil Set absolutely free. The perfect size to take anywhere and always have purrfect cat eyes.


megaleg said...

so how is one set of these eye stencils supossed to match evey single persons eye shape perfectly ?

Beth said...

They are made from a soft PVC plastic that enables you to adjust them and fit them to the shape of your eye. The same way an eyebrow stencil works.