Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Product Alert!

Get pretty for spring

Just in case you weren’t paying attention beth bender beauty’s Get in Line eyeshadow and eyeliner kit is now available in five new palettes. A color for everyone. BFF is a silver, Gunmetal and Smoke set. Mix all three for one hot smoky eye or go the traditional route and apply the light silver to the lid and use the smoke and gunmetal for contouring. You can also wet the smoke and use as an eyeliner, very sexy.

The model seen here is wearing SGB a bronze, beige and gold palette for sun-kissed sultry eyes. We have a palette in light pink shimmer and purples that is crying spring and of course each kit comes with our “original” eyeliner stencils, one for a smoky eye and the other for a cat eye. Many have tried to copy, but these are the only stencils that will give you what you want and very quick we might add. Try getting a cat eyeliner with a point so perfect and on both eyes free hand. I dare you.

New from beth bender beauty

The get in Line Trio’s

Creating smoky eyes and sexy cat eyes has never been easier.

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