Thursday, May 22, 2008

beth bender Donates 15% of all sales thru July

Sometimes we get caught up in our crazy lives, our families, work and forget that things are not always so easy for others elsewhere, as in the case of this horrible disaster in China. The earth quake that hit China’s Sichuan Province on May 12th destroyed thousands of buildings in the area, as well as infrastructure like communication networks and electrical towers.

Thousands of people died and many are still missing, some of them little children, and more than 270,000 were injured. The earthquake left an estimated five million people homeless. Many schools were destroyed, including one that had at least 900 students in it. This earthquake is the worst natural disaster to hit China in 30 years.

To help out with the relief fund and get China back on its feet beth bender beauty is donating 15% of all sales to the American Red Cross for the next two months. That means that every time you purchase any beth bender beauty products between now and July 30th we will give the American Red Cross 15% of your sale. When you think of all of the money women spend each day on beauty products (us included) that can add up to a lot and the best part is you’re helping a country in need and getting a fabulous beauty product. How great is that?

We know there are so many cosmetic companies to choose from, and so many choices for beauty products so we thank you in advance for choosing beth bender beauty and helping to save a country and people in desperate need.

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