Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hollywood Sizzles At The Oscars

Red Carpet Beauty

Count Down To Tonight’s Oscars

Give me sexy cat eyes like Alicia Keys please!

As we continue our celebration on beauty and get ready for tonight’s Academy Awards here is another favorite of ours, the always beautiful Alicia Keys. Seen here looking simply sexy in her very perfect and striking cat eyes. This look is all about the eyes baby and to get these gorgeous cat eyes we suggest using the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit. You can create cat eyes as thick as Alicia’s seen here or as thin as you like using the cat eye stencil that comes in the kit. Beth’s beauty tip: Apply a black gel eyeliner over the cat eye and keep the color from smudging and budging all night long. Try Onyx gel Liner and apply with a tapered eyeliner brush.

Add some extra sizzle with a silver shimmer eye shadow and apply it to the inner corners of your eye lids. Try Double-O- Silver, $16 at beth

Beth’s little beauty tip: Dampen the brush before applying the shimmer shadow for color that will outlast the night. Finish with a fabulous mascara and apply two coats. Our latest fav is Fiberwig, new from Japan and only available at Sephora.

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