Thursday, February 14, 2008

Celebrity Look Of The Week

Rachel Bilson

Beth Bender Beauty’s Look of The Week


Our celebrity look of the week is Rachel Bilson. Rachel’s perfectly lined eyes have become a part of her trademark look. Her features are petite and so striking. She has great style and her makeup always looks beautiful.

For defined eyes like Rachel’s start by lining them top and bottom with an eyeliner pencil first. A good one to try is Prescriptives Softening Pencil in Black. With a smudge tip brush blend the color into the lash line. Set the color with a powder shadow to prevent the color from bleeding and soften the line.

To get the powder liner perfect on both top and bottom try the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit. Place the bottom liner stencil underneath the eye and make the line as thick or as thin as you like depending on where you place it. Repeat the same on top with the top eyeliner stencil. Give your lashes at least one coat of your favorite black mascara and make sure to coat both the top and underneath of your lashes. It really makes a difference. Try Lashblast Mascara, $7.99 from CoverGirl.

Rachel’s rosy pink blush give her skin a lovely radiance. To get this look using a blush brush swirl the color on the apple of your cheeks and blend along the cheekbone. We love Bobbi Brown’s powder blush in Blushed, $20 at If you’re a cream blush kind of girl then try Blushing Bride, a rosy pink cream blush, $18 at beth bender beauty.

Rachel’s lip’s have a slight sheen but the look is more of a stain which could pass for her own natural lip color. Try Shy Pink Lip Stain, $20 from Laura Mercier. We love the feel of these lip stains and they look beautiful on. If you want to add a layer of shine on top of the stain try Crush Liquid Lip Color, $16 from beth bender beauty. Either way you can’t go wrong.

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