Monday, February 4, 2008




Also on the red carpet strutting her stuff was Ellen Pompeo looking absolutely stunning in a Nina Ricci Gown. Her makeup and hair complimented this strapless gown and as always her brows looked perfect. Ellen’s eyes were smoky but done in champagne and amber tones which gave them a much more sultry look.

To get Ellen’s look start by grooming your brows first and then working you way down and finishing with the lips. I love Anastasia’s eyebrow stencils and stencil kit. They are so easy to use and come with step by step directions so you can’t go wrong.

Once you have decided on the perfect template that suits you brow shape fill in with a brow color and remove any hairs that fall outside of the shape. If you prefer a stronger brow you can add more color with the stencil still over the eyebrow.

Next we move to the eyes. Choose something with a shimmer as seen here on Ellen. I mixed two colors using Ambra Eye Dust and a bit of Ginger. I like to use my fingers first to apply color to the eyelid and then go back and blend with an eyeshadow brush. Especially if the lid is slightly shiny the color grabs and helps with placement. If you have questions about where to place the color you can use the Get in Line Smoky Eye Kit to help with this. Using a tapered eyeliner brush sweep some Ambra Eye Dust under the eye as seen here on Ellen.

To ensure that your eyeliner will stay put I suggest using a Gel Eyeliner instead of a liquid or powder. They are water and smudge resistant and once they dry they don’t move. Try Onyx Gel Liner, $18 from beth bender beauty. Make sure to get as close to the lash line a possible when applying the gel liner. You can tap some color in between your bottom lashes too but keep it on the softer side.

For fabulous red carpet lashes all night long try Shu Uemura’s Basic Black Mascara, $27 at It’s a gel base formula that keeps the lashes from smudging and can be re-applied without clumping.

For the face I like Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Sticks, $40 at They’re perfect for evening out the complexion without feeling too heavy. Plus you decide how much and where. I don’t recommend them for someone whose skin is extremely oily, instead an oil free liquid foundation would work best.

On the cheeks try try Cheek Duo in Pink Glow, $24 from Stila. It adds a delicate flush as seen here on Ellen. Finish with a sheer coral or warm peach lip shade that will balance your beautiful smoky eyes. Try Olympia Rose a nude-peach lip color, $26 from Vincent Longo. I used this color on a shoot last week and fell in love with it!!

Stay tuned for more celebrity looks from the SAG Awards and fashion week in NYC. The hottest runway looks and how to get them.

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