Monday, January 21, 2008

Beth Bender Beauty Out and About

I spy beth bender beauty

Did anyone happen to catch Britney sporting a new British accent last week while shopping with her already over with close friend Adnan Ghalib? What was that all about? Poor thing. Seen…shopping for a new top and came out wearing one of Betsey Johnson’s cute sweaters. I have two myself, they are so darling.

Did anyone happen to see her whip out her Ooh baby Lip gloss to touch up her lips? That color went perfectly with her new sweater. Even with all of the turmoil that follows her she still manages to find time to give her lips some loving. We do love you Britney.

Seen…Mischa Barton at L.A. nightclub Teddy’s earlier this month. Our beauty spy’s tell us she spent more than a few minutes checking out her eyeliner and adding some Onyx Gel liner to her already lined eyes.

Seen…Amy Winehouse who is still mad for the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit and made a point of telling my friend Carla who is a celebrity artist in The UK and was using hers on a shoot recently. Has anyone seen Amy’s new Blonde do? Gone are the trademark bee hive and long tresses. I think I prefer the darker shade but this may grow on me eventually.

Seen…The always beautiful Scarlett Johansson and beau Ryan Reynolds having dinner in Los Angeles. Our beauty spy’s tell us she excused herself to the ladies room and touched up her lips with some Chasing the Cash Lip color. Our reps tell us she loves the color so much she orders six at a time.

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