Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Spy Beth Bender Beauty

beth bender beauty out and about.. Julia Roberts doing a little Christmas shopping on December 15th in NYC. Our beauty spies tell us she gave her famous lips a bit of loving with Liquid lip color in Crush. The perfect baby pink lip gloss that looks beautiful on everyone including Julia.

Jessica Simpson
shopping back in her home town of Dallas, Texas during the holidays. Her dad Joe coming along for some shopping too. Not much makeup going on but her lips sure looked good. Our little beauty spies tell us she stopped in front of the Prescriptives counter to touch up her lips with some Ooh Baby Liquid Lip color.

Julia Roberts
again, back in Venice, California and still shopping for Christmas. My how her family has grown. Keeping her lips lovely as always with Tickled Pink Beauty Balm from beth bender beauty.

Angelina Jolie
spending Christmas in New Orleans with the family. Our beauty spies tell us she was holding Shiloh in one arm and putting on a little lip color with the other. Her color…Liquid Lip in Crush. The perfect pink lip color.

Carrie Underwood
with pals Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift on December 27th in Nashville. Using her Get in Line Eyeliner Kit to touch up her perfect eyeliner and carefully placing it back in her purse but not before adding some shine to her lips with some Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip color from beth bender beauty.

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