Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keep Your Eyeliner Smudge Free

How can I stop my eyeliner from smearing under my bottom eyelashes? Nothing seems to work!


The secret to perfect looking eyeliner that stays put is layering. Rachel Bilson has mastered the art of perfect eyeliner using her Get in Line Kit and her favorite black eyeliner from Prescriptives. Black eyeliner in particular always has an annoying habit of streaking down one’s cheeks at inappropriate moments, which is why you need to take the extra step to make sure it doesn’t move all day.

Beth says the trick is to apply your eye pencil as you normally would, then use an eye lining brush to go over the line with the exact same color of eye shadow. Blend it in well. The powdery formulation of the shadow locks the color in place and keeps it from going anywhere. For perfect eyeliner like Rachel’s beth suggests trying the Get in Line eyeliner and eyeshadow kit. The stencils allow you to create perfect eyeliner and include a beautiful charcoal and Indian brown eyeshadow.

Don’t forget that if you’re using an eye cream or cream concealers to make sure and powder under the eye using either a powder puff or brush.

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