Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beth Bender Beauty Gets A Nod

Months ago we sent a goody bag of beauty products to a gal in New York who was writing a book on relationships with her husband. The book title was “Why Hasn’t He Called?”

A book about how guys think and how to get a guy to stay interested in you without falling back into patterns that can hurt a good relationship. I loved the idea and was happy to offer whatever beauty advice they needed.

I spent some time chatting with one of the editor’s and emailed my beauty tips to Tamsen. Who I later found out was WCBS-TV reporter Tamsen Fadel and whose husband is Mat Titus founder of Matt’s Little Black Book, a Manhattan Matchmaking Agency. Together they star in Matched in Manhattan. A new reality show on Lifetime that features Mat and Tamsen helping men and women in New York find true love.

Tamsen was an absolute doll and loved the tips I sent, most of them about enhancing your eyes. Yesterday we received and email saying that Beth Bender Beauty had been included in the book and that Tamsen herself was quoted as saying ” The fun, playful packaging of this makeup line is nearly as fantastic as the gorgeous, fresh makeup itself”

We were so happy about the news and can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of the book. At the moment “Why Hasn’t He Called?” is available at Amazon and in a week will be at both Barnes & Noble and Border’s. I urge anyone looking for advice on how to meet the right guy or gal to check out this book.

You can also check out Mat and Tamsen at their website Sassybean. A fabulous website covering beauty, fashion, accessories, relationships and everything else in between.



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