Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beth Bender's Celeb Looks - The SAG Awards


These Hollywood celebs looked beautiful and who can blame them with the Golden Globes being cancelled. They needed a reason to get gorgeous and gorgeous they were! Some of my favorites were Angelina Jolie, Andrea Bowen from Desperate Housewives and Marion Cotillard from La Vie En Rose. Make up artists and hair stylists worked overtime to get these ladies to the red carpet on time.

Andrea Bowen looked beautiful with her hair swept up and away from her face. Her make up was flawless and her perfectly groomed brows and sultry smoky eyes took front and center.

To get Andrea’s look start with the eyes first. Andrea went for a more dramatic smoky eye using colors in brown and amber shimmers. Her eyes were lined top and bottom with a black gel eyeliner and set with a bit of shadow for a softer look.

Start by applying color to the entire eyelid area with an eyeshadow brush and blending into the crease as seen here. If you have a Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit you can use the smoky eye template to create the shape before blending into the crease of eye. Don’t worry about concealer until the eyes are finished. I like to mix both colors before applying to the eye. Try Brown Sugar and Ambra Eye Dust, $16 at

To finish the smoky eyes, with an eyeshadow brush apply a lighter shade to the brow bone making sure to blend color well. A great base color for this is Bobbi Brown’s Champagne Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow, $19 at Bobbi Brown.

Next take your black gel eyeliner and with a tapered or straight edge eyeliner brush carefully tap into the lash line as you line the eye. Extend the line out as seen here on Andrea and finish by lining underneath so that both bottom and top liner meet at the outer eye. As you get closer to the center of eye start to make the line thinner and blend into lash line.

Take a bit of Ambra eye dust with an eyeshadow brush and sweep under the eye to soften the line and give it a more dramatic look. Our new favorite mascara is Fiberwig but a good black mascara will do just fine. Add two coats and make sure to coat each lash for maximum lash appeal.

Clean up any mess underneath the eyes with a bit of eye cream and a Q-tip. Then apply concealer. For a flawless face add a bit of tinted moisturizer or a water based foundation. Use a sponge for more coverage and a brush for a more sheer finish. Try Vincent Longo’s Light Canvas Tinted Moisturizer, $38 or his Liquid Canvas Dew Finish Foundation, $48.50 both fabulous and available at

On the cheeks a little cream blush in either a pink or peach tone adds just the right amount of color without over doing it. Try Kitty or Blushing Bride, $18 and both from

Stick to a light shade on the lips as well. Try Afterglow Lip Enhancing Gloss, $18 from Smashbox Cosmetics. It’s the perfect combination of a pink/peach gloss and has great shine.

Now go get your celeb look on ladies! Stay tuned for more SAG Award Celeb looks.



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