Monday, January 21, 2008

Beth Bender's Beauty Finds

Calvin Klein make up is back and better then ever. I was a fan when his first beauty line launched in the late 90's. This was years before I started Beth Bender Beauty and created the Get in Line eyeliner kit. I fell in love with his eye pencils and still have three of them that I still use on jobs. They are fantastic and I am hoping that the new ones will be just as good. His eye shadows were also fabulous and I hope those haven't changed either. The packaging has but it looks like for the better because that was one of the flaws in the first line.

The new beauty line is quite large and includes everything for faces, lips, eyes and nails. The new line was developed by the ck Calvin Klein team, including Mark Carrasquillo, the company's newly named Global Makeup Artist, and Kevin Carrigan, Creative Director of ck Calvin Klein beauty and apparel.

The full line is not yet available in the states except for the glosses which are available at sephora. This is such a drag because there are so many women who would love to check it out. If you happen to make it as far as Hong Kong you might want grab a few eyeliners and eye shadows.

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