Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick Beauty Tips For Hollywood Eyes


Combining turquoise and jet black eye shadows sounds strange but the result is gorgeous and gives the eyes a way more powerful punch as seen here on Penelope Cruz. Blue shadow can be a bit intimidating to wear alone because of its boldness, and black is certainly severe, but mixing the two colors creates a deep colorful glow.

To do Beth suggests lining the top lash line with a gel liner so the color stays put and then retracing with a bright blue powder. Try Onyx Gel Liner and Betty Blu Eye Dust both from beth bender beauty to create this look as seen here on Penelope Cruz.

betty-blu-shadow.jpg Carrie Underwood loves Betty Blu Eye Dust, $16 at beth bender beauty

Beth’s beauty trick: For “knock out eyes”, add another hint of tint by dabbing a touch of blue mascara on the tips of your top lashes.

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