Friday, July 13, 2007

Alluring Eyes

Sexy smoky eyes. Will they ever go away? No and I can’t blame them. Look how beautiful each one of these women looks. What’s not to love about a smoky eye? Any shape, color or look is so beautiful. A soft brow or a strong brow. Whatever your mood.

These looks have got my vote. Smoky eyes are my fav as most of you already know. I get tons of requests for them whenever I work so I am always prepared and ready to go.

Every time I pull out my Eyeliner stencil kit all the girls gather round to check it out. And always they are amazed at how easy and quick it is to create these looks. Even the most seasoned artists have the kit and use it especially when they are under the gun and every minute counts. Many of them have eyebrow stencils too. There is nothing lazy about using a great tool to make it a little easier and get the job done.

I once spent three hours watching a well known make-up artist attempt to do a smoky eye on a gal for the Grammy’s. It was painful to watch her struggle and finally she left the suite and had someone finish the job. Not a very good day for her. The stencils both for eyeliner and eyebrow would have helped her with placement and given her the confidence to “get the job done”.

Magazines like Allure, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue and In Style are always a great way to get the latest beauty trends and “How to’s” for creating these looks above or any others.



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