Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Event At Modern Beauty Salon & Lilo and Britney

For anyone who attended the fabulous event last night at Modern Beauty Salon then you also had the pleasure of watching all of the paparazzi wait for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan, or as we like to call her here in Hollywood, Lilo.

As it turns out her Lawyer's office is right next door to the salon. Needless to say they waited for nothing because according to my sources who know the real scoop Lilo was already on her way to the Betty Ford Clinic for another try at getting sober.

I was there doing demo's using the Get in Line eye stencil kit and introducing my new Hollywood Nude lip colors. Inspired by all of the naughty girls including Lilo. My friend and amazing artist Michael Talley was making all of the women even more beautiful doing demo's using Cover FX the line I wrote about a few weeks ago.

He had done my skin using their products prior to the event beginning and it looked fantastic hours later.

Anyway in between the demo's and celebrity mayhem who showed up but Britney Spears. Yes, Britney Spears and as predicted the paparazzi went nuts trying to get a picture of her. It was quite a scene on Sunset Blvd last night and I had a good laugh and kept on working.

Cat eyes and Smoky eyes all night long and everyone was happy.


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