Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Christina @ Ebeautydaily does a fierce cat eye

Christina you rock!!! Thank you so much for your great demo.


The Amy WineHouse Cat Eye


Only rarely do you see someone that is truly so pretty work so hard to be unpretty, but Amy Winehouse sure does it. But man can she sing - so who cares what she looks like? It’s all about jumping out of the sea of performers however you can anyway. But like it or not, she is definitely a style maven who really has charmed me to death.

Regardless of what you think about her look, she is working a cat eye like nobody’s business all over the world. Want one? I have the easiest way ever. For a mere $36, pick up Beth Bender Beauty’s Get In Line eye kit. Now, I love an eye kit. I adore the one that DuWop makes - but in its simplicity, this one is better, and it comes with all of the tools you need to make it work. Really make it work. So, on that note, I present to you my first video on the Cat Eye. Don’t laugh too hard. But definitely don’t be drinking anything while you watch. D

To view Christina’s fabulous video using the Get in Line kit go to

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