Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sexy Smoky Eyes - Retro Style


I love the Smoky eyes on this model. It’s very Studio 54 and her make-up is beautiful. Of course the shot has been photo shopped to death but her eyes are just so sexy. Love how the eyeliner bleeds into the corner of her eyes and let’s not forget those lashes. Wanna know how to get these gorgeous eyes? We suggest using the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil kit. The kit has everything you need to create sultry smoky eyes in minutes.

The last time I saw lashes like that was on my four year old nephew. Just remember to blend, blend, blend in the crease of your eyes and use a lighter color in the corner like they have here and blend up into the center of eye. Highlight the brow bone with the same light shade or a shimmer. To get a perfect line underneath use the smoky eye stencil and place under your eye along your lash line. With your eye shadow brush sweep a bit of color along the stencil and remove. To soften go over with eye shadow brush.

Repeat on the other eye and do the same for your top eye liner. Add a little concealer, set with a powder and finish with lots of mascara.


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