Friday, July 27, 2007

Britney and Beth Bender Beauty

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who works for OK Magazine. Most of us have been hearing nothing but more drama about Britney and Lindsay, two of Hollywood’s bad girls. I mentioned that she also stopped by the event I was doing on Tuesday in West Hollywood. Every time you put on the TV they are talking about the two of them.

Well my sources tell me that not only did Miss Britney walk off with nearly $21,000 in merchandise but she also walked off with a bunch of make-up that I had given to the Beauty Editor prior to the shoot including of course my Get in Line Stencil kit, loads of glosses, eye dust and four kits.

I know she is a fan of Beth Bender Beauty and Get in Line, We have personally dropped off product to her for award shows and shoots, but I guess on the day of the shoot she thought maybe these were all gifts for her including that darling Pucci scarf she is sporting on the cover of OK , a Zac Posen dress and the gorgeous shoes she had on her feet as she ran out the door.

Oh well just another day in the life of one of Hollywood’s most famous naughty girls.

Enjoy the lip glosses Britney!



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